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Nanotechnology is the field of applied science at the atomic and molecular scale. Our experimental group focuses on investigating size-tunable material properties, and the self-assembly and fabrication of nanostructures. This multidisciplinary research finds applications in microelectronics, photonics, photovoltaics, spintronics, coatings, sensors and biotechnology. research overview

Dr. Korgel also directs the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) on Next Generation Photovoltaics.

Sponsorship and press inquiries about the I/UCRC can be sent to jpeck@che.utexas.edu

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Fall 2016

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07.06.2020 - Congrats to Yangning Zhang on her Perspectives paper - A "Tips and Tricks" Practical Guide to the Synthesis of Metal Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals - published in Chemistry of Materials. Check out her work here!

04.23.2020 - Congrats to recent graduate, Tim Siegler, for winning best video presentation at nanoGe! Check out the video here. ChemNanoMat has also made the paper free to read for a limited time, which you can find here. Great work, Tim!

03.10.2020 - Tim Siegler's recent paper titled Synthesis of TlBr and Tl2AgBr3 Nanocrystals has been highlighted online by Chemistry Views, and also summarized in Chinese and posted on the Advanced Science News WeChat platform!

03.04.2020 - New paper from the Korgel Group! Recent Korgel Group graduate Tim Siegler et al. report the synthesis of TlBr and Tl2AgBr3 nanocrystals in ChemNanoMat. Check out the paper here.

02.08.2020 - Congratulations to Yangning Zhang, who presented in the Graduate and Industry Networking Event (GAIN), and won the "Burnt Orange Award" for her poster: Structure, Stability and Optical Properties of Perovskite Nanocrystals! This is the 3rd year in a row that a Korgelite has taken home the Burnt Orange Award. Great work everyone!

11.26.2019 - Check out the new paper from the Korgel Group! In the AIP Journal of Applied Physics, TJ Jiang et al. study the mechanical properties of a-Si:H particles using nanoindentation. Link

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Deliquescent Chromism of Nickel(II) Iodide Thin Films


In a recent collaboration paper, Tim Siegler, Mokshin Suri, and Michael Abney, alongside a team of collaborators from the Milliron Group lead by Lauren Reimnitz, observed and studied a new phase change in thin films of nickel iodide. Showing that water vapor uptake could reversibly convert NiI2 films of under 10 microns in thickness from a dark brown to an optically clear state, we demonstrated how nickel iodide thin films in ambient humidity have potential application in thermochromic smart window materials with color neutral transitions. This unique approach turns a problem common to many transition metal halides - humidity instability - into a feature, taking advantage of the color change of this degradation process. Find the paper, recently published in Langmuir, at this link.

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