Gang Fan


M.S., Tianjin University, Chemical Engineering, 2014


Electrical and Optical properties of Quantum dots; J-aggregates.


Fan, Gang; Yang, Le; Gao, Fu-Ping; Zhao, Ying-Xi; Qiao, Zeng-Ying; Zhao, Qiong; Fan, Yun-Shan; Chen, Zhijian; Wang, Hao., Co-self-assembled Nanoaggregates of BODIPY Amphiphiles for Dual-Color Imaging of Live-Cells. Chem. Comm. Submitted

Yang, Le; Fan, Gang; Ren, Xiangkui; Zhao, Lingyun; Wang, Jingkang, Chen, Zhijian., Aqueous Self-assembly of a Charged BODIPY Amphiphile via Nucleation-Growth Mechanism. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. Submitted

Fan, Gang; Yang, Le; Chen, Zhijian., Water-Soluble BODIPY and aza-BODIPY Dyes: Progress of Synthesis and Applications. Front. Chem. Sci. Eng. 2014, 8 (4): 405-417. [link]

Lin, Yao-Xin; Gao, Yu-Juan; Wang, Yi; Qiao, Zeng-Ying; Fan, Gang; Qiao, Sheng-Lin; Wang Lei; Wang, Hao., pH-Sensitive Polymeric Nanoparticles with Gold (I) Compound Payloads Synergistically Induce Cancer Cell Death through Modulation of Autophagy. Mol. Pharmaceutics. Submitted

Qiao, Zeng-Ying; Qiao, Sheng-Lin; Fan, Gang; Fan, Yun-Shan; Chen, Yu; Wang, Hao., One-pot Synthesis of pH-sensitive Poly(RGD-co--amino ester)s for Targeted Intracellular Drug Delivery. Polym. Chem. 2014, 5(3): 844-853. [link]

Duan, Zhong-Yu; Gao, Yu-Juan; Qiao, Zeng-Ying; Fan, Gang; Liu, Ya; Zhang, Di; Wang, Hao., A Photoacoustic Approach for Monitoring the Drug Release of pH-sensitive Poly(-amino ester)s. J. Mater. Chem. B 2014, 2, 6271-6282. [link]

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