Jose Luis Hueso Martos


B.Sc., Chemistry, University of Jaén (Spain), 2001

Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Seville (Spain), 2007

M. Sc. New Advanced Materials, University of Seville, 2008

Graduate and Postgraduate Assistant, University of Seville, 2007-2008

Postdoctoral Research Contract, Universidad Complutense de Madrid-CIBER-BNN, 2008

“Fundación Alfonso Martín Escudero” Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2009-2010


Plasma Chemistry applied to decontamination of NOx, soots and VOCs

Plasma Chemistry for the reforming of hydrocarbons, alcohols and oils for the attainment of upgraded by-products

Combination of plasma devices and conventional catalysts in environmental chemistry

Interaction of plasmas and carbonaceous samples

Mesoporous silica systems for drug delivery and immobilization of proteins

Hydroxiapatite systems for tissue engineering applications

Synthesis and biological applications of nanoparticles


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